Micron Techno (Trusted to Delliver Excellence)

Software development is what Micron Techno professionally does for the last 15 years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the world’s largest companies like Square Spinning, Aman Group, Badsha Textiles, Bangladesh Air Force and so on.


•Software Consultancy Services
We can advise and bolster your in-house development capabilities with our consulting expertise.

•Custom Software Development
We can build customized software to improve your business processes and make you more efficient.

•Web Solution and Development
We can build quality products from scratch.

Our development and management teams are some of the best in the world and collectively we have worked on many different products and enterprise software projects spanning many different industries. We can customize our services to fit your needs.

If you have questions about how we can assist with your project, please get in touch about a free consultation.

Our Key T-values

Our main preference is to earn your trust through our commitment and integrity extending maximum value and striving to exceed your expectations.

Being 100% customer-dedicated, we understand the importance of easy and fast communication and guarantee feedback within 24 hours. We keep in touch.

We believe that our employees are our main asset. Our HR policy is focused on talent acquisition and retention. We understand that we empower ourselves by empowering our team.

We are constantly looking out for new technology to push application development outsourcing to a new level, and we offer you a full array of services surpassing your needs. We work hard and innovate to make Micron Techno the IT service provider of your choice.

Why Choose Micron Techno

Years of experience and communication with customers proved that we can promptly respond and adapt to any changes made over the course of the project. You will be amazed at how quickly we will bring your ideas to life.

We guarantee maximum transparency at all stages of development. Company managers will provide the most detailed information on your project. Project deadlines are set right away. Managers will keep in touch with you via telephone,regular reports and personal meetings.

•Commitment to Quality
We constantly improve and streamline our quality assurance system in order to conform to internationally recognized standards and provide high quality services. We have Japanese rules and manners compliant quality system, i.e. all your projects will be executed with maximum efficiency. Our QA team ensures that the software products delivered to our customers comply with the highest quality standards.

•Reasonable Prices
Relatively low cost of resources and low operating costs allow us to reasonably price our services. We have highly qualified Business consultant, System analyst, Programmers, provide best and relief from business execution pain. So we always deliver best quality at low cost.
•Risk Identification
For successful project implementation, all attendant risks and problems must be analyzed before the project is started. Our experience has taught us how to anticipate potential problems. No matter if it is a technical problem related to development process or incompatibility with other programs, we save you time and money using our experience and knowledge base.

•Quality Assurance
Micron Techno started as a QA provider and consultant, software development services were added later. Our current quality management expertise allows us to achieve best results in complex multistage projects for a variety of customers. A flexible approach to meeting our customers’ needs makes our interaction convenient and mutually beneficial.

•Customer Confidence
Being a 100% customer-oriented company, we give top priority to your trust and confidence. Our interest in successful mutual cooperation is the best guarantee of our loyalty. This policy proves itself, for most of our customers decide to start second and subsequent projects specifically with Micron Techno.

Where we are

â–ºBangladesh Office
    Mouchak Tower

    Level #07,suite#806  
    83/C Siddeswari circular Road,Malibag moor.
    Tel: 02-9339334,Mobile: 01912209733,01730869866
    E-mail: micronbd.com@gimail.com
    URL: http://www.micronbd.com